Living in Utah does not often provide much variety in terms of weather. I have lived here for three years now, and I must say that it feels like only two seasons dominate, WINTER and summer, without too much in between.

As I was walking home tonight, however, a gust of wind swept across campus, bringing the trees to life, rippling through the folds of my shirt, and caressing my skin. Though it lasted only a few minutes, I couldn't help but remember those fall winds that blow so often and so strong back home in Indiana...

I miss the exhilarating sensation that the wind brings, ruffling and stirring up the leaves of my soul.


  1. Yes, sometimes I miss the wind whipping across the plains. It is interesting how you can have an experience with "Air" and the air reminds you of some other place. Once in a while when there is a really dry, but crisp and cool morning I feel like I'm in Idaho or Utah. I mentioned it to a girl at work and she started laughing because she feels the same way. She is from Utah originally. Interesting stuff.

  2. It's nuts. I haven't been to Indiana since 2005...besides one day last December. I actually miss it. I never thought I would ever miss it, but I do.