It gets better...

So I thought that the Autodesk Student Online Community was only featuring my rendering in a series of five selections as a backdrop for their homepage... I thought that it was the only recognition I had received in a subtle sort of way...

So I thought...

Today I was browsing the same website to ensure that my new group, "Autodesk BYU", with its accompanying logo was visible and searchable among the group listings.

At one point, I clicked on a graphic link to view the statements and renderings of the winner of the architecture category of the Student Design Competition, Andrew Southwood-Jones of Canberra, Australia. I hadn't seen anything more than a thumbnail image of his entry before, so I was interested to learn a little more about his design. His was definitely more developed than mine... and so deserves my respects.

As I looked at his entry under the "Winners" tab, however, I realized that there was also a "Finalists" tab. I scrolled down the list of nine finalists, and lo and behold, there was my design in the list!

So it's official... I am a finalist, after all. Feels good.

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