In the mood...

Since I am on a roll, posting poems like they're going out of style, I figured that I might as well share one more. I originally composed this poem while in the LDS Missionary Training Center in 2003. I must offer a forewarning, however, to any who wishes to read on... this one's a bit different!

The Pleas-er Key-er

A stretched band of pearls, more white, less black;

glimmering, shimmering with glossy glaze glow.

The shiny smooth slicks at rest level lay;

a test for any best jester’s festering folly.

Who it allows or tries surely sees

these pleading, pleasing keys freeze and unlock doors,

scores of jump, trip, fly: Higher, High, Highest.

Here they are (were/will be) to break bleak stares’ silents;

10 marching soldiers, heavy feet falling boulders old orders filling,

called to attention on the spiffy spring-board platforms: ready

to start the game of the skip-hop bop stop tumbling flinging

like the singing of gymnasts’ flurry whirling dervish.

And then;

Snapped Nerves!

pulsing plunging pistons to the floor

of black and white marble tiles descending and bending;

the tricky tune pealed revealed by hot-potato palms,

a skitter-skat carnival tap like Kelly’s nimbles

slap the please! more! melodies out of the pleas dead gone.

Such sing and song dance trance of spazzy jazz romance

(from the clinking Chico pointers piercing people’s persons)

skis carving cutting the crisp, slippy slope still,

just missing, some kissing the sharp shark rocks, flats;

a spickle-spackle tackle spilling ‘Kovsky collide-o-scope

of Gehry’s wilting waves braves the paving road of rhyme

keeping time interred, fossil bones and stones and watches

tick notes not seen written on his mind forever.

The relays plays on a click beetle banter brocade

of olden golden melodies molten inspired never tired;

yet the carrier’s charisma cuts canst last,

past hours piled towers over waning wands’ wishes.

Ever bold, ever brilliant, bright, bristling warm,

was the storm (now subsided) of the pride praised picture song.

So gone is the giver grower of this glamorous glimmer?

Yes; retired the player his players the sound.


Will the ever end-thusiasm?

ASC 4/24/05 - I revised this poem upon returning home from the mission. 7/11/09 - I just added one word... the one that was missing all this time!


  1. I like it and was happily guessing it was a piano a few lines into it - right? Hopefully.

    You were a poet
    And I did not know it.

    Anybody want a peanut?
    (Princess Bride)

  2. Yesss... thanks for reading, Becca!

    Ha, you are my faithful audience of one. :)

  3. The Power of One...is powerful. (That sounds like Yogi Bera, but it is just me saying it)

    After all, being the #1 BYU Rugby Fan has been rather powerful. I think that the team just knowing that they were being filmed for a video improved performance. Hmmm. I'm going to pretend I'm being watched so I accomplish greatness.

    Deep Thought, or not so much, from your eldest sister.

    We talk more through this than we do through email/phone. Ha.

  4. Ha... perhaps that is a more deep and poignant thought in itself... :)

    That I need to be more frequent in my direct communication! Hmmm... time for me to improve once more.

  5. Well, yay! you do have more poetry posted....very good, very good indeed!!! I loved the beat/rhythm of this one. You have inspired me...perhaps I will post some of my old "tries" at poetry on my blog. Annie writes awesome poetry too.