Poems for Mary

The Bells

Oh, to hear the bells,
so crisp through the air,
though blustery, though windy:
the sound rings true,
to my heart.

The ripe pealing of nature's frequency,
caresses and calls,
home, to home once more.

It's in the air,
the light, the trees, the leaves,
so much green and blue and bright:
the soul is filled,
with calm.

On a Rose

Though the rose's blooming and wilting lasts but a brief while,
yet the beauty and exuberance thereof,
in perfect display of fullness of life,
reminds us of the glory and brightness of each new day,
a chance to open ourselves to the world around us,
to let God's creative power shine through us;

A pure and simple gift,
of goodness,
of graciousness,
of love,
we are,
to all.

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