This her's it

Well folks, this is my new blog where I will post the random and partially-planned happenings of my daily life...

Yup, sounds just great huh? Let me tell you... I feel pretty dang tickled at the prospect! (okay, you can all just quietly smile, nod your head, and go on your merry way)...

I know I can only expect that a few select family members and friends will read anything here posted, let alone make any sense of it.

Regardless, here's one morsel for your trouble:

A simple rhyme,
To pass the time,
Oh, so pleasantly;

That 'fore it's done,
Thou wilst have won,
A spot, o' greenery!


  1. Such profundity! Of course we will all read your blog. Such advanced writing skills are not so prevalent and some of us will read for the humor and to brush up on our English. Enjoy the day and keep writing!

  2. Hey thar!!

    yay...you communicate! ahaha...just kidding!...I've been rather random myself these days. These blogs can be addicting and I have to figure out a good time to do it. Glad to see you have mine on your links!!!

  3. We hope to ponder and to dwell
    on all you have to say
    and hope your words
    be not frowzy
    or untoward in way!

  4. How are we suppose to just nod our head and be on our merry way when you make a say something like 'tickled at the prospect'?
    Can't wait to see more of your daily life. :)

  5. Time to blog again friend ... thought you were doing this yesterday?